Our services
We are supporting you in Financial Consolidation and Accounting in accordance with IFRS or Swiss GAAP FER. Furthermore we provide Cognos Controller support, Audit- and fiduciary services.

We bring in our know-how and experience as well as a high level of personal committment, cooperation in a spirit of partnership leads to success !

Please contact us in case of any questions. 

Incorporation:   The company was founded in 2001
Owner:                   Marcel Gremaud (Swiss Certified Accountant / "Betriebsökonom FH")
Offices:                  Rüttenen/SO and Baar/ZG
Languages:         German, English and French
Partner:                Keller Stalder Partner AG

 Gremaud GmbH
 Jurastrasse 15
 CH-4522 Rüttenen


Tel +41 32 623 02 77
Fax +41 32 623 02 76
Mob +41 79 217 71 92