Duty to prepare consolidated accounts
The principle of control is decisive with regards to the duty to prepare consolidated accounts. A legal entity controls another undertaking if it:
  • directly or indirectly holds a majority of votes in the highest management body;
  • directly or indirectly has the right to appoint or remove a majority of the members of the supreme management or administrative body; or
  • it is able to exercise a controlling influence based on the articles of association, the foundation deed, a contract or comparable instruments.
Further the following criteria of size are applicable for the duty to prepare consolidated accounts:
  • balance sheet: CHF 20 million
  • revenue: CHF 40 million
  • Employees: 250
or if:
  • the consolidation is necessary in order to make the most reliable assessment of the economic position
  • company members who represent at least 20 per cent of the basic capital so require.
The consolidated accounts of companies whose equity securities are listed on a stock market must be prepared in accordance with a recognised financial reporting standard (IFRS, US GAAP, Swiss GAAP FER) if the stock market so requires.

Financial consolidation services
We assist you in all phases of the consolidation process, in preparing the instructions, in gathering the information (reporting package), in the consolidation measures, in the accounting policies and in the financial reporting.
The nature and extent of our services fully depend on your requirements:

  • Set-up of the consolidation process
  • Reporting packages and Accounting Manual
  • Support in financial consolidation
  • Year-end or interim closings
  • Excel consolidation (excel based consolidation tool available)
  • Consolidation using standard consolidation software
  • Full outsourcing of the preparation of consolidated financial statements is also possible

We are offering pragmatic "hands-on" support at fair conditions.